Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hi friends, as of June 19th the chick cam will be down for at least a week. (We're about to exceed our internet provider's data limit.)  If we put it back up I'll send out message on the And Topher Too Facebook page (so be sure to like us). Thanks! 

As of June 26th the chick cam is back. The girls have quickly grown from chicks to pullets and it won't be long before they're moved to their new home in the Black Pearl/Queen Anne's Revenge (the coop)! Watch them while you can! 

July 5th update: the chick cam has come to an end. Thanks for visiting! Check back in the future to see if we've installed a coop cam.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

And then, there were ten

Tonight we brought home Topher's little brothers and sisters! When O&I were first introduced, it was a conversation about our mutual desire to keep backyard chickens that made us take note of one another (well that and a shared love of NPR podcasts). Two years later, when we were married, we each held a beautiful "show" chicken for our wedding portrait. It's been five years since that first conversation and the dream has finally become a reality. I proudly introduce: Starbuck, Blackbeard, Sparrow, Ginger, Mary Anne, and TBD (but leaning towards The Professor and Lovely). Apologies for the crappy camera phone photos - these were taken pretty quickly. Check back soon for updates!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Does this box make my head look fat?


(Also, this photo is for real. No Photoshop. With a little help from O, Topher happily squeezed his fat butt into this tiny box). 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Riding bikes in Atlanta: just the facts!

Thanks to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition for compiling this helpful info! 

• Bicycles are vehicles under Georgia law, with the same right to travel on the road as other vehicles (with the exception of limited-access highways). 
• Sidewalks are for walking: It is illegal for adults (over 12 years of age) to ride bicycles on the sidewalk in the state of Georgia. Your risk of being hit by a car is actually higher on the sidewalk than in the road. Bicyclists on the sidewalk are less visible to drivers, especially at intersections and driveways.
• Take the lane: If the bike lane is too narrow or next to on-street parking, take the lane (ride in the middle of the traffic lane) at your discretion.
• When riding in groups, ride no more than two abreast, and as a courtesy, ride single file when faster traffic needs the space to pass you. 
• Light up the night: Every bicycle, while being used in the dark in Georgia, must be equipped with a white front light and rear red reflector, each visible from 300 feet.
• Wear a helmet: Bicycle helmets are required for everyone under age 16 and encouraged for everyone else.

• Expect the unexpected: Never assume a motorist sees you. Anticipate parked vehicles pulling into traffic, vehicle doors opening in front of you, and debris or other hazards on the road. Respect right of way rules.
• If you encounter an irate motorist, be polite, regardless of her/his behavior. To report an aggressive or harassing driver, or if you are involved in a car-bike crash, call 911. Please report all crashes, as this data contributes to bike improvements in Atlanta. Be ready with
a vehicle and location description, a license plate number and state, and an account of what happened.
• Scout your route to find streets that work for you. Remember, your driving route might not be the best way to get there by bike.
• Download this map here.

Links to great stuff:
AJC article about bike lanes
• ATL's 1st Cycling Festival
• Sopo Bike Co-op
Beltline Bike Shop
• An ATL bike blog

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bike Beer Repeat

Thanks to  our friend Emeline for organizing today's Ride Bikes, Drink Beer, Repeat - Westside Edition. Most of the group met at 10:45am in Inman Park and then cycled through downtown Atlanta to the westside of town. First stop: Redbrick Brewery. Second stop: lunch at the Atlanta Food Truck Park (O&I shared a fried avocado BLT and BBQ pork tacos). Third stop: Monday Night Brewing (let me just say: damn, their space is so great - major kudos for creating such a trendy yet welcoming atmosphere). On the ride we met some cool folks that I hope to see again and the slower pace allowed me to appreciate a lot of historic architecture that I had previously overlooked. Thanks again Emeline!

Total ride (from home): 19 miles • map at bottom