Friday, November 11, 2011

Very soon!

11.11.11 No better time then now to start something new. Ready, set....



  1. I checked these out on ETSY. WHAT a great Christmas present for someone on your list!

  2. Your paintings/prints are lovely! I'm a friend of Lucile. I've a had a terrible time getting my prints to look like my watercolours. It looks like you have done a fabulous job.

  3. Hello Kathleen! I adore Lucille's work. She is inspiring me to loosen up a bit - but it's easier said then done. I had my prints made by a professional printer who I'd previously worked with in my day job. They're from a Fugi 700 printer and I'm very happy with the results. It did help that I brought him a sample to match to. His first print was much too saturated and neon. The second was too dark. But by the 3rd adjustment it was perfect and he printed all 25.

  4. We love Lucile's work in our household. One of my daughters said she would like to hire Lucile as her personal illustrator. I told Lucile and said that I didn't think the job would pay well but she would have Emma's complete adoration. :) Her work is so fluid and wonderful.

    Thanks for the printing details. I'm printing at home on an Epson R1900 and still have some kinks in my colour management chain. I believe that one of them is me!