Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring evening at home

I'm making a cake that takes days and days! This is so unlike me. The turning of a new leaf perhaps? Day one: make the filling, day two: bake the cakes, day three: assemble cakes, day four: ice the cake and EAT! So far so good, keep your fingers crossed for me! 


  1. Don't know if you were a Friends fan, but this photo makes me think of when Rachel made the triffle and the pages stuck together and she put meat in it... Hope it turns out as delicious as it looks!

    1. Hello Smilie! Of course I remember that episode! Rachel combined a meat dish with a dessert and Joey eats it anyway! Everytime someone makes an actual triffle I snicker to myself because of association. Aw, Friends was so great.

      As for my cake, so far so good!! But there is plenty of time for disaster! I'll be sure to post the results...