Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I truly cherish our Christmas ornaments. They've been collected and created our entire lives. Melding our collections together has been a joy. Shown here are a few of my favorites. Top row: Topher in his basket with a beer, "Tweet Tweet" (to commemorate the day we met and how Twitter played a roll), my cousin SweetAmbs cookie. 2nd row: Oliver's cross stitch Santa mouse from 1991, my maternal Grandmother's embroidered cat, Braves World Series championship. 3rd row: Christy's parents in the 70s, Christy's homemade ornament from 2000, Evereman - an Atlanta street art icon (found in Grant Park as part of Free Art Fridays).  - Cullen


  1. I love meaningful ornaments.I still have my kids(in their 30's) ornaments from their birth and preschool. My favorites are the Three Little Kittens made from felt and have lasted for 30 years.I decorate my tree every year with all of these and the memories flow....Merry Christmas all! Rebecca

  2. Kent Hrbek approves of this post.