Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday night BLT

The much anticipated BLT! Actually, Oliver made one a BLT and the other a "PPLT" (pulled pork, lettuce and tomato). Made from some of the pulled pork we'd frozen and saved from our wedding reception's pig roast in May.

In the background you can see a pint of Oliver's Rye Saison homebrew (in a Redbrick Brewery glass) and, of course, Mr. Topher begging at the screen door.

Oh that Topher! (Seen here on Sunday running off to enjoy a grape tomato from our garden. He prefers to eat them on the carpet in the living room).

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  1. That just makes me HUNGRY!! I have started (once again) my mostly fruit and vegggies diet and my stomacah hasn't yet gotten the message. But I did make a YUMMY dinner last nite on my George Foreman (Forman?) Grill - the small sized grill is perfect for cooking indoors in a small apt on the 18th floor. Grilled asparagus, gilled red peppers, and fresh tomoatoes topped with my very own home grown basil. Alas, all the food was bought at a regular grocery store as there aren't any farmer's markets within easy walking distance of my apt and if you drive you have to pay mucho $$$ to park. live in Paris.