Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First tomato of 2012!

We have winners! The Phoenix Hybrid and Beefsteak tomato plants are the first two (of our four different varieties) to produce a tomato for 2012. The Beefsteak weighed in at an impressive 1lb! We've got big BLT plans for these guys. Pass me the salt and the mayo...


  1. Whaaat! That guy's huge! Did you grow them from seed? My seedlings are just starting to blossom. I may have started them late for fear of a surprise frost. The unusual shape of the beefsteak reminds me kinda of a traveling tomato (Reisetomate). See crazy picture here:

    1. The Reisetomate tomato is gross! It looks like it has tumors! But thanks for showing it to me.

      The Beefsteak came from Lowes the first week of April. It was a seedling, just few inches tall, when we bought it it. We soaked the roots in fish emulsion before planting. Since then it's just been a lot of sunshine, watering and love. Good luck with your tomatoes!