Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Garden: Week Seven

We planted a handful of pumpkin seeds this week; they're all coming up nicely. Hopefully they'll do better then our watermelon. The watermelon vine goes on forever, has plenty of blooms but not one fruit. Our strawberries suffered a similar fate; in the end we didn't get even half a dozen berries. Fortunately strawberries and watermelon are the only plants we've had problems with this summer. Everything* else is going great.

*Two varieties of eggplants, four varieties of tomatoes (two heirloom, two hybrid), green peppers, hot peppers, leeks, basil, mint, thyme and parsley. 


  1. Love that seed husk sitting on top of the sprout! So many ideas packed into that single image. And it's also kind of cute. ;-)

  2. Seeing that little seed and sprout stuck together sent me running into the house for my camera! Nature does the coolest things.