Thursday, September 1, 2011

What he did with the fresh picked eggplant

Another quick post tonight: For yesterday's dinner Oliver used our fresh picked eggplant in a side dish he first cooked for me just a few months into our relationship. Since then it's become a cozy, healthy and delicious, "down home" southern side that we eat every few months. On it's most basic level it's a medley of diced eggplant, chopped okra, grape tomatoes and onions - but once you put it all together in a lovely old fashioned cast iron skillet it seems to become so much more then what it is.

Two more things I should mention about dinner:
1. It was paired with grilled jerk chicken. I'll post more about that this weekend.
2. Until I met Oliver I'd NEVER had an okra that was not fried. I vividly remember my elementary school serving them fried. They filled one of those little melamine squares on my tray. Even fried I DID NOT WANT them. I'm happy to say Oliver's method of browning and smothering has happily changed my mind.

Recipe available on request.


  1. Sorry...I don't "do" okra. Never have, never will, NEVER NEVER NEVER! Creepy food - maybe that is why I had to move to Chicago. : )

  2. My Mom finds okra "creepy". Creepy!? Mom, it's a vegetable! Well, one thing is for certain - I may be born and raised in the south but my parents are not southern!