Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bye bye bicycle

The beauty you see before you is my trusty bike. A 1997 original. A gift from parents when I went off to college. It was too awkward to carry up the narrow flight of stairs to my college apartment so it spent those years chained outside in the rain and snow. Have I mentioned it's very heavy and exceptionally slow? I get passed on the street by senior citizens riding featherweight bikes. For years Oliver has been suggesting I buy a new one. I've refused. My unexplainable loyalty to this bike has been going strong for fifteen years - but sadly I think our time together has finally come to an end.

Yesterday, while riding around Piedmont Park, my front tire blew. Neither of us even considered fixing it. We just looked at each other and knew. Oliver cycled home and came back with our pick up truck to ferry the old girl to the house. That means it's bicycle shopping time; I have no idea what I'm looking for. I'm could use some suggestions. The majority of my rides are in the city and Atlanta has a decent number of steep hills so keep that in mind. (Guess I'll need some new stickers too.) What kind of bikes do you all ride? Do you like them?


  1. I got a new bike last spring, and I actually decided to go with a Montague folding bike. I did this for a few reasons:
    1) I wanted to be able to keep my bike inside, without blocking my hallway and/or driving my roommates crazy.
    2) Montague makes full-size folding bikes, so they ride just like my old bike.
    3) Super easy to fold.
    They make a number of different models. I got an 8-speed, but if I remember, I think they make a 27 or 30-speed road bike too.
    You should check them out.

  2. I have a Montague folding bike and find it heavy. I had to change out the back sprocket to keep up with bikes with less teath in the high rear gear. I am still slow. The bike is set up for going up hills, so it works well for that purpose. The wheels are wider than your old bike, but still only 24 inchers. My bike is a 21 speed. Get a 24 speed. I like Trecks. They are a bit pricy. Joan has a Ralleigh. Only eight speed, but we don't have hills here. It works well, is light, has medium sized tires which work well on pavement or rougher surfaces. Cracks in the pavement can be a problem for the thinner tires in light racing bikes.

    Ride a bunch of bikes and see what you like. The bike store on Highland near North and the one where Monroe ends as it heads East are both good shops.

    Good luck,


    1. Hello Dad! What a nice surprise to find a comment from you. Thanks for the advice. I'll hit one of the stores you mentioned this weekend. Hoping you're impressed that I kept the bike for so long! Never stolen, lost or too rusty. Yay!

  3. I traded in a lousy 6 speed for a Globe Vienna 2 and it has changed my life! I ride it everywhere! I bought mine on sale for 200 GBP, but here's the link to one:

    Happy hunting! x