Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Sometimes I wonder if Oliver is trying to sabotage my weight loss goals - but when sabotage is this fresh and homemade what kind of person would dare complain? This morning he baked English muffins to serve with the fresh, local eggs  we picked up yesterday. He then whipped up some creamed spinach to eat on the side. Heart healthy? Not so much. Real food? Completely. 

Now he is in the backyard brewing a double IPA. I plan to spend the day working on some new items for Etsy and getting ahead on a blog post or two. Dinner will be stuffed poblano peppers!


  1. Homemade English muffins! That's amazing.

    1. And they are the BEST English muffins I have ever had. It's never even occured to me to make English muffins at home. I'll ask Oliver to send you the recipe. Way better then store bought!

    2. This is the recipe I used. Be warned though, between the rests and rises you need to wake up at 4am to have them ready for breakfast.

      Alright, that's an exaggeration but next time I'll be making them the night before.