Sunday, March 18, 2012

Perfect sunny Sunday

For breakfast Oliver made three flavors of crepes: blueberry, blackberry and banana. Each one perfectly light and naturally sweet. After breakfast we walked up to historic Oakland Cemetery. Founded in the decade before the Civil War, the cemetery has picturesque rural garden design and is a lovely place to wander around for a few hours. Notable residents include Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind author), Bobby Jones (golf legend) and the "Lion of Atlanta" - resting place for 3,000 unknown Confederate dead.


  1. Is that a headless woman in that bottom right picture? What does that represent? The lion statue is really interesting - do you happen to know who created it? It is strikingly similar to The Lion Monument in Switzerland:

    1. Hi Brynn, you're right! Though the artist claimed the lion scultpure was an original it's really an almost exact copy of the Lion of Lucerne. The headless woman used to have a head. The cemetery went through several decades of disrepair and negelect during which time a lot of sculptures were broken or stolen.

  2. I love crepes sooo much! I might have to make some soon now! =)

    And I was just about to comment about how similar the lion is to the one in Switzerland...then realized Brynn beat me to the punch!