Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eating bad never felt so good - Farm Burger

I admit it! Yesterday and today's lunches were neither heart healthy nor conducive to weight loss - but they were so delicious and definitely worth it. Yesterday Oliver and I met at Taqueria del Sol where we indulged in a big bowl of cheese. Queso, my friends, queso is my kryptonite. In addition to the cheese we also had some tasty tacos (but I was really there for the cheese).

Today we paid our first visit to Farm Burger. WOW. It's a dream come true: delicious and ethical. From their "beef to [their] tomatoes to [their] compostable containers... Farm Burger is sustainable, local, humane". I'm so happy restaurants with this ideology are starting to pop up in Atlanta. If anymore open they will have my business. Especially if their food is even half as fantastic as Farm Burger's. If you haven't been yet  - GO! 

And what the hell, since we're already eating burgers and bowls of cheese I threw all caution to the wind and also ordered a basket of garlic herb french fries and a couple of beers. Tomorrow I'll be back to  healthy eating and the gym (planning to keep my snacking in check at tomorrow's Super Bowl party) but for today I chose to indulge!

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