Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pickled grape tomatoes

In my last post I mentioned the "grape tomatoes in the Blood Mary...the ones Oliver pickled from our very last summer 2011 harvest. Dill flavor, yum!" Then this morning I realized the pickling post is one that I never finished. So better late then never, here it is:

These tomatoes were part of the batch that Oliver ripened in a cardboard box in early November. Except these are the ones that didn't ripen. Some were a bit shriveled and others were still hard and green so we decided they were best suited for pickling. Two cans were packed with the hot Italian peppers we grew and two more were packed with okra from YDFM. Now, four months later, we are finally enjoying it all! Gotta love homegrown goodies and canning!


  1. Ah, I am SO jealous of people with gardens AND canning abilities. This looks so delicious.

    1. Thanks Clair! The canning talents definitely belong to Oliver but I'm doing my best to absorb everything he knows so I can someday do it for myself. (It's so effortless for him.)

      And I'm feeling inspired by Fantasy Friday... kicking around a few ideas but haven't settled on one yet. Thanks for the fun challenge!